French Toast
$10/Add Foie Gras +12

Milk Bread, Blueberry Syrup

$10/Add Marrow +$10

Belgian style, house butter, syrup

Our Fluffy Pancakes
$11/Add Foie +$12

light, fluffy, butter, syrup

 Crispy Salt And Pepper Eggs

two, fried, ginger, scallion, garlic

Hash Brown
Custardy Yolks & Toast
$8/Add Caviar 8 Grams +$20
Maple Sausage Links


House Cured Bacon

thick, griddled, smokey

Burger & Sandwiches

Double Cheeseburger

sesame bun, cheddar, b&b pickles

 Pastrami on Rye

house mustard, marble rye, dill pickle

Fried House Made Bologna

pickles, lettuce, cheddar cheese sauce

Tuna Melt

fresh, slow cooked, warm cheese sauce

Grilled Cheese

inside out, b & b celery

13″ House Made Hot Dog

mustard, crisp onion, our sauerkraut

Meat & Fish

Roast Turkey Breast

that gravy

A Meat Loaf

swedish gravy

Rotisserie Half Chicken

Au Jus

Market Fish

daily preparation

Dry Aged Minute Steak

horseradish creme

Rotisserie “Spam”

pineapple glaze

Large Format

*Served family style, chefs selection sides n' such. Please call ahead to pre-order.

Prime Rib
$100 P/P
Roasted Pig
$85 P/P
Roasted Whole Fish
$85 P/P
$75 P/P
Roast Duck
$60 P/P
$45 P/P

Soups & Salads

Matzo Ball Soup

light fluffy ball, bone broth

Bone Broth

hot n healthy, tumeric, ginger

Chopped Salad

iceberg, veg, olives, feta, greek vinaigrette

Shaved Asparagus

crispy cheese, cured yolk, green garlic

Watercress Salad

fresh cherries, herbed cheddar, dukkah

The Parlor Brussels

rice crisps, chili honey, parmigiano

Shrimp Cocktail
Griddled Beef & Shaved Broccoli

rare, hoisin sauce, puffed wild rice

Summer Beans

brined & griddle, romesco, strawberries, basil

Charred Avocado

marinated cucumbers, lemon, wild fennel

Snap Peas

green garlic vinaigrette, marinated feta, herbs

Veggies & Sides

Rotisserie Sweet Potato

house butter

Mash and Gravy
Peas and Carrots Vichy

yogurt and drill


Cheese Sauce

More Gravy

Custardy Yolks


Pie on Display
Cake on Display
Rotisserie Banana



Please take notice of the 3% “for the kitchen crew” surcharge on the food portion of your bill. We’re stoked to implement an exciting new way of rewarding the dedicated kitchen crew, who tirelessly work to source, create and cook all the food you eat as an alternative to raising prices. The 3% Kitchen Share will be fully distributed by management among the “non-tipped” kitchen team, according to their overall effort and quality of service. We thank you for helping us create a more equitable restaurant culture, community and continue to “eat serious, have fun.” Cheers! Please inform your server of any allergies.